Yoga revealed how my body really felt

I would like to express my appreciation for the Iyengar System and the entire team of Shriyog in a few words as under…

I was suffering from depression, acute backpain and legpain since May 2015. I was sick, very sick. I tried various medications, supplements and I have spent countless hours educating myself for the same. Not everything worked and sometimes I felt so frustrated but today I am so happy to say that I am longer on medication and the catalyst for this improvement in my health was yoga.
It was not immediately obvious but a regular yoga practice was so incredibly beneficial for my illness that gradually my health began to improve. I noticed my strength and stamina growing alongwith a huge improvement in my mental state. Yoga revealed how my body really felt.

I am so thankful to Guruji’s system and specially the props and the entire team of Shriyog for helping me rehabilitate.

And there is no way I can ever thank Rajashree mam for being such an amazing and miraculous teacher.
Amit Oswal

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  1. hitesh says:

    Kudos amit. . Great to see your progress!!

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