Yoga changed Rise n Shine employees

yogaMrs. Rajashree Tupe, the best yoga teacher, I have ever known is been associated with Rise n Shine Biotech Pvt.Ltd an ISO 9001-2008, a tissue cultured Indian multinational company since 2008.
Mrs. Rajashree Tupe has taken the initiative and great efforts to take care of the employees of Rise n Shine through yoga practices in a rural area, at Theur, near Pune. I am tremendously been benefited by her guidance in all aspects, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
She has worked hard on the fitness of all the employees. Infact, she has brought the different bodily function into perfect co-ordination so that they work for the good of the whole body. May be the eyes, hands, shoulders and also the brain. Her techniques are scientific and practical. Her teaching is an experience which cannot be understood intellectually in words and can only become living knowledge through practice and experience.
Her yoga has helped many employees to overcome arthritis back pain etc. Overall, the village ladies and men have become confident and enthusiastic in their work at the company and in their family life.
We are blessed to have her with us and wish her great success in her future endevours.

Mrs. Bhagyashree Patil, Director, Rise n Shine Biotech Pvt.Ltd. 


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  1. Zabeen says:

    It makes me SO happy to see all this testimonial! This is a great service you do ongoingly Rajeshree and it really makes me proud :D!

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