Yoga at Bajaj Auto

Yoga is an important element in our holistic development initiatives at Bajaj Auto and in Mrs Rajeshree Tupe, we have one of the finest Iyengar teachers who demonstrates the benefits of this ancient science in a lucid and contemporary manner and teaches participants how to progress in their journey towards true health.
At the Corporate Office in Akurdi, senior executives attend yoga classes every Monday. They believe the sessions have been immensely beneficial in understanding the physical body, improving their fitness levels and most importantly, understanding the mind-body connection and achieving a state of calm.
We also have weekly yoga sessions in our Chakan plant where employees including cell members are taught the Asanas that help them alleviate stress and rejuvenate them from job-related fatigue. As we move forward, we hope these sessions to play a key role in shaping individual health and workplace culture.
We recently had a leadership development program titled “Act to Adapt” for those who have just been promoted as senior managers. It’s an intensive 10-day program where participants need to put in more than 12 hours everyday. We introduced yoga classes by Rajeshree every evening in this program. This helped them relax their minds after the intense sessions during the day and also infused them with fresh energy for the group work they were supposed to do later in the evening.
As we weave yoga programs into various development initiatives, each initiative has a different group of participants and a different objective. We are indeed grateful to Rajeshree that she has been able to design the programs according to the need and modulate the design as the participants progress. She has built a bond with the participants across all levels and has enlightened them by connecting the yoga asanas with an individually and organizationally relevant higher purpose.

Amrut Rath, President (Human Resources), Bajaj Auto Ltd.


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  1. saritachalla says:

    I have been practicing yoga under the guidance of Rajeshree since 2003 , she understands our constitution body type , mental , physical conditions and then puts us into a schedule that is fit for each individual . So far i have never come across a teacher so young , so dedicated and true to her teachings. She is a perfect example of balanced mind and body .

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