This system is a treasure left behind by Guruji

I have been a known case of Multiple sclerosis since 2005 or may be as early as 1996. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune problem of the nervous system where the body fails to recognise its own myelin (nerve cover) and starts attacking it. In that process, the patient develops severe disabilities over time leading to difficulties in functioning. All patients also suffer from chronic fatigue.
Geetaji introduced me to Rajashri who follows Guruji’s system with a lot of faith, reverence and dedicated detailing. She has also added her own innovations to it too.
This system has helped me immensely. The restorative poses are extremely helpful in the chronic fatigue phase and they calm the nervous activity as well as improve the breathing. Whenever it is possible to do the other asans, these help in establishing connectivity of the body, improve muscle function, gait and balance. They also work at a mental level boosting confidence and calmness. The props are a boon and one can get the benefits of the pose without strain.
This system is a treasure left behind by Guruji. A heartfelt thank you, a lot of gratitude and reverence for it and to Rajashri for her devotional dedication.

Rupal Shah

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  1. Nina says:

    ” THANK YOU” can not comprehend my gratitude to Rajashree and her team. She is in true sense a GURU. The stretches , ropes and all the props are used with an ultimate purpose to maximize the benefit of ” YOGA”. I have an extreme stiffness in entire body , and she has helped me to a very great extend to feel flexible. She not only teaches Aasanas but also emphasis on the logic and science of every move/stretch and its impact physically ,Psychologically ,Spiritually.
    It is commendable that in spite of so many students Rajashree personally supervises and observes all!

    It is in true sense journey inward…..

    The Journey is in real meaning inward.

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