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This system is a treasure left behind by Guruji

I have been a known case of Multiple sclerosis since 2005 or may be as early as 1996. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune problem of the nervous system where the body fails to recognise its own myelin (nerve cover) and starts attacking it. In that process, the patient develops severe disabilities over time leading to […]

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Nothing heals a human body as Yoga

I firmly believe that nothing heals a human body as beautifully, systematically and scientifically as YOGA. It exercises parts of body, which no other exercise in the world can possibly do. The process might look to be taking long, but is lasting and permanent. I bow down to Guruji for making it accessible and simplified […]

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A treasure BKS Iyengar has left behind

I have such faith in Guruji’s system!! It gives relief to every patient through therapy, endurance and strength to everyone that seeks it, hope and faith to every person when they are doubting, confidence to every wavering mind and peace and wisdom to every seeker. He has left behind a treasure which opens itself gradually […]

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Dear Guruji, we pray for your peace and for your Mukti! You have been a conduit for the knowledge of Yoga for this era. Multitudes of people are benefactors of the props you have engineered for Yoga therapy and your technique. The precision and power of your delivery has so many in its grip and […]

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