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Shriyog publishes Dnyaneshwari

It gives me great pleasure to share with you an illustrious book namely Dnyaneshwari in simple English and Marathi (volume-1). It is recently published by Shri Sudhakar Lalsare through Shriyog Institute. The book was released at Alandi and offered at the feet of Shri Dnyaneshwar Mauli’s samadhi on 21st October 2014. The programme was attended […]

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Ashtang yog

People generally join a yoga class with two completely different objectives either to learn asanas and pranayama for good physical health or to learn meditation. A general yoga class does attend to the earlier need but meditation is not accessed in a class or workshop. Asanas and Pranayama with application of Yama, Niyama, Pratyahara and […]

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What is yoga?

What is yoga? Today there are yoga classes in every lane, we read about them ignore or walk in with our own perception of the subject. Somewhere we make up our mind that it is a subject we approach in our old age,as a prescription by the doctor or an exercise to stay fit. Yoga […]

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