Nothing heals a human body as Yoga

I firmly believe that nothing heals a human body as beautifully, systematically and scientifically as YOGA. It exercises parts of body, which no other exercise in the world can possibly do. The process might look to be taking long, but is lasting and permanent. I bow down to Guruji for making it accessible and simplified for a common person like us.

Any science is a failure without the right scientist. Similarly, all the healing through Yoga is not possible without a proper teacher who knows the science of Yoga. I must appreciate Rajshree Mam for the way she conducts the classes. She goes into the minutest of details with precision. Hats off to her for taking the classes the way she does. It’s a joy being present in the class.

I look forward to all the classes that are to come in the near future …
Amit Kothari

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