People choose a yoga class as they are aware that they not only gain body mobility and flexibility with yoga but Yog is also an ancient science towards inner peace. As we enrol for the yoga class we should be clear in our approach towards the meaning of discipline in Yog at the beginners level. Any discipline needs courage to adhere to and discipline is a prerequisite in Yog.

Let us look at discipline from our everyday connection to the class.

In the prayer we recite at the beginning of the class we prostrate before Sage Patanjali for giving us Yog for serenity and sanctity of mind. As a student we have to be mindful in our approach for this purpose,as many a times a yoga class is joined for body benefits only. Initially it is the discipline at the physical level that each student is made body aware i.e to balance the right and left sides of the body and equally stretch the body on both sides. As one does that, he is introduced to the imbalance in both the sides of the body now, here starts the learning!! Alignment of body dynamics. This alignment involves the mind and one focuses on that body alignment initially as long as he is in the class. This is the beginning of conditioning the mind of being in the present act. This act of awareness and alignment in the body will give us a sense of lightness in the body and mind. It is the small seed that is sown which will grow towards the other limbs of Yog. It is also discipline in our lifestyle like eating, sleeping, bath timings, thinking habits that will help us maintain that lightness on the physical plane. The class once practised should not restrict its approach for that hour only but should prevail throughout the day and days to come urging one to walk on the path of Yog urging the seeker to realise the meaning of Yog.

Having decided to observe the rules and discipline let us make a beginning of this year’s sessions.


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  1. Geeta kothari says:

    Another year begins at Shriyog! Total rejuvenation …….
    Observation: when you are in control ( even slightly) of your body…. Confidence comes…..

  2. Neeru Bhatia says:

    Though difficult but not impossible and under your continuance guidance, we all hope to bring discipline and mindfulness in whatever we do ……

    Already started this year’s session and hats off to you, Rajshri Ma’am. Only with two days session, I am feeling so enlightened which I never felt even though have been doing Yoga from past more than 2years. Having said that I know still lot more to learn and its a long way to go…………thanks a lot for such wonderful and informative sessions. 🙂

  3. Anuradha Mathur says:

    Good to see the website of our class. We are very fortunate to have a yoga class of this calibre in our neighbourhood. – Anuradha Mathur

  4. zabeen says:

    Just like Neeru I have to say that the few sessions we have had are such an immediate ‘pick me up’ !
    Looking forward to this year and to incorporating a disciplined approach…. to find out what that is really. Thank you for the opportunity !!

  5. vasundhara Rajwade says:

    Another session has begun at shriyog , the positive energy at the institute is amazing and heals any ailment of the body and mind, being guided by a guru like Rajshri I feel truly blessed.She has touched so many lives including mine.

  6. Asifa.Hoosein says:

    Have resumed the senior citizen yoga class after a break of 2 months which was given by your class.
    want to inform you that YOGA has changed me as a person and brought in more discipline and made me free from worries and tension and thus feel a sense of happiness.Thank you.Looking forward to many more changes during your course.FEELING REJUVENATED..

  7. Neeru Bhatia says:

    Did rope shirsasana today for the first time and it felt very good as I could overcome my fear of falling over head a little bit, thanks Rajshree Ma’am and Smita.

  8. Dilip says:

    Having a beautiful yog experience thanks to the brilliant and inspiring guidance of our teacher Rajshree who makes us believe in ourselves. Thanks and regards.

  9. L. EASWAREN says:

    I came to know about your Institute while going through Mint, and being a resident of Pune andd staying at Salisbury park thought would join the Institute. I am a senior citizen and would like the morning batch.I am giving my personal details as requested by you.

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