Celebrating Diversity Week at MPHASIS in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Mumbai

Today yoga does not need to be defined or introduced but it can be celebrated as a mindful and balanced approach connecting one to oneself. Many a times yog is not accessed due to lack of training or the correct knowledge of the subject.

In a typical day at work, there is overuse of certain group of muscles. Desk job / travel / meetings etc require the person working to sit / stand for long hours in one position and almost always in a wrong posture. This action on a daily basis causes shortening of certain muscles of the neck, shoulders and back which may lead to stress, fatigue and lack of concertration at work.

The team led by Mentor Rajeshree explained some rules on diet and lifestyle combined with simple asanas to follow at the work that helped connect women and men of all age groups to their body, breath and mind. A program of physical and psychological exercises to tap the immense energy present within each person removing fatigue and build concentration.

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