At Shriyog you are welcome to join yoga classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, as well as yoga for senior citizens, children and patients. We recommend students to continue classes at least for a year to gain knowledge in basic theory and practice of asanas and pranayama. The syllabus is designed for the year taking into consideration the seasonal changes.

Basics of Ayurved, commonlyknown as Ritucharya (seasonal conduct) and deenacharya (daily conduct) are kept in mind while teaching asanas and pranayama. Guidelines for diet as per the seasons are also given in the classes. Each student is motivated to understand the subject of yog and not restrict the learning only to asanas.

Yoga for all
Institutonal Yoga

Shriyog conducts regular classes and workshops in corporates, schools and institutions.

Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats are conducted to learn and unwind for various levels of practitioners and non-practitioners of yoga.

Customised Yoga Programs

Personalised and customised yoga programs, interactive session and lectures are conducted for schools, colleges and corporates.

Private Yoga Classes

Shriyog conducts private classes on one to one basis in the comfort of your home.

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